combining form or incudo-
Etymology: New Latin incud-, incus
: incus : incus and



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  • incus — incudate /ing kyeuh dayt , dit, in /, incudal /ing kyeuh dl, in /, adj. /ing keuhs/, n., pl. incudes /in kyooh deez/ for 1; incus for 2. 1. Anat. the middle one of a chain of three small bones in the middle ear of humans and other mammals. Cf.… …   Universalium

  • incudiform — Shaped like an anvil. [L. incus (incud ), anvil] * * * in·cu·di·form (ing kuґdĭ form) anvil shaped …   Medical dictionary

  • incus — in•cus [[t]ˈɪŋ kəs[/t]] n. pl. in•cu•des [[t]ɪnˈkyu diz[/t]] anat. the middle bone of the chain of three small bones in the middle ear of mammals. Also called anvil 4) Etymology: 1660–70; < NL, L incūs anvil =incud , s. of incūdere; see incuse …   From formal English to slang

  • incudo- — combining form see incud …   Useful english dictionary

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